Our Team

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Leonor Brennen

Franchise Owner, Stroller Strides and Fit4baby Certified

Working out and going to the gym, were on my list of things I would rather not do pre baby, I always saw healthy and fit as thin, so I never concerned myself too much with making it a part of my life. When I was pregnant I started doing yoga, then little by little my mind and body were enjoying the energy that came from it, fast forward to my last month of pregnancy I decided this was my chance to start new and create a body I was proud of, to be the happiest mom I could be for Emilia. Once I was cleared I started with Beach Body workouts and trained for my first 10 miler. I was obsessed with what exercise was not only doing for me physically but mentally as well! I'm fueling my family with the right nutrition and positive habits early on, I've caught Emilia in a downward dog a few times! If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would make this life a priority I would have rolled my eyes! I am so grateful for the welcome from the Central bucks and Fit4Mom community, I feel so much love and can't wait to see what's to come in the future! I'm so excited to help mommas find their inner strength and show them how truly strong they are! Remember in life it can be "One day or day one!!


Megan Illg

After attending my first Stroller Strides class in June of 2017, I was immediately hooked! Fitness became very important to me after having my daughter, Julia, in January 2016. I wanted to be able to keep up with her physically, as well as model a healthy lifestyle for her. I began working out regularly with at-home DVDs and eating healthy. After having my son, Parker, in April 2017, I felt overwhelmed by how I was going to maintain my healthy lifestyle with 2 under 2! But when I found Stroller Strides, I knew that was the answer. I love being able to bring my kids to workout with me and connect with other moms at the same time. Being a part of Fit4Mom has been life-changing for me, which is why I jumped on the opportunity to become an instructor. As an instructor, I can’t wait to help moms connect with other moms while being healthy at the same time!